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Financial Advocacy
Financial Advocacy Financial Advocacy

A financial plan is all about the present. It doesn't evolve. Harvest Capital Advisors understands that. As your financial partner, we're not only keeping our eye on the present but we're vigilant about looking toward your future.

Financial advocacy is the cornerstone of our relationship with you. Harvest Capital helps you fully understand what your position is today and the best way to reach your goals for the future. From preparing retirement projections, assisting with college planning, and optimizing your cash flow and budget, the Harvest Capital team is uniquely positioned to help you grow your wealth, meet your objectives and achieve your dreams.

Harvest Capital Advisors also understands that the reason for planning is to ensure results. Here's some of what you can expect when you have Harvest Capital on your side:

A partner who truly listens to you to capture a clear understanding of your position.
> How much money you need to reach your goals, and realize how much extra money you may have.

A partner who takes a long-term view.

> A detailed cash flow model and know the rate of return your investments must earn to provide the income required to meet your goals.

A partner who will identify all your sources of income, expenses, and hidden leaks.

> A complete picture of your assets and liabilities so you're prepared for the level of gifts you want to provide for your heirs.

A partner who is forward looking and understands the economy.

> A plan for the impact that inflation can have on your financial position so you can confidently provide for the causes that mean the most to you.

Decisions about financial planning can be overwhelming. What you do today can impact you (and your heirs) in many ways. Harvest Capital Advisors understands those implications and the weight of the responsibility that comes with them.

  • Securing your future and your assets requires a team of specialists. Harvest Capital will work with your attorney and accountant to make sure that documents are designed in a way to protect you and your heirs.
  • Your insurance policies will be reviewed, checking that you've got the coverage and protection you need.
  • We work with you to place investments and assets in the proper accounts and titled appropriately, so you'll avoid any conflicts with your goals.
  • And with Harvest Capital, staying on top of your situation is easy. You'll receive an annual review of your financial position, the progress made toward your goals and have an opportunity to make adjustments.

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