Business Consulting

We have deep roots in advising business owners on a variety of issues that have ranged from day-to-day business activities to developing transition plans.

Some of the services we most commonly provide are:

Diversification Strategies IconDiversification Strategies

Many business owners have an outsized portion of their wealth tied up in their company. We help devise a plan to diversify or monetize your ownership position to give you a more stable financial picture.

Tax Minimization IconTax Minimization

We provide scenario analysis that enables you to view different outcomes in the context of tax impact. We help you structure your business so you can exit it with more money net of taxes.

Retirement IconRetirement Plans

We guide business owners through the evaluation of retirement plan options for themselves and employees, which often include 401k, profit sharing, SEP IRA or SIMPLE IRA.  We coordinate with third-party administrators to structure retirement plan options for your company.

Estate Planning IconBusiness Valuation Review

Business owners may spend a lifetime building their companies. Their business is often the most valuable and the only substantial asset they own. And yet, truth is most business owners don't know what their business is worth. We work closely with valuation specialists to help you not only assess the value of your business, but what that value means in the context of your overall goals and your financial plan.

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